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In 2014, If Sorrows Swim bowed at #1 on the Billboard Top Bluegrass Albums Chart, while the 2016 follow-up Shouted, Written Down"d cracked the Top.Stereogumdubbed the record an impeccable sophomore break-out, and Rolling Stonehailed its pairing of whimsical narrative with often deceptively complex arrangements.Sheepdogs Proud purveyors of guitar-driven modern-day retro rock, the triple Juno Award-winning Saskatoon-based quintet has expanded its sound on Changing Colours to encompass more styles and hues to enhance the Sheepdogs trademark beef-and-boogie twin-axe riffs, hooks, shuffles and long-haired aesthetic.

On All For Money, Greensky once again aimed to progress.View, romanik, Kevin, seaforth Huron Expositor Wednesday, March 27, 2019 Obituary.Hayden has been invited to perform with many nationally well-known musicians including: Buddy Guy, James Cotton, Grammy winning producer Tom Hambridge, Lee Ritenour, Robert Randolph, Davy Knowles, Donald Kinsey Kinsey Report, Bob Margolinand several others.