After the battle, the heroes realize the clones were only used to distract them as Darkseid killed Lyla and kidnapped Kara Zor-El.Superboy was now one of two clone attempts after Superman's death.

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For any other use, see, doomsday (disambiguation).His motives were initially unknown, but his nature was obvious; He was incredibly powerful, merciless, and seemingly unstoppable.

Doomsday appears in Krypton.Whilst aboard the ship, they are attacked by several clones of Doomsday, including a Cyborg Doomsday, an armored Doomsday, a Doomsday with tactile telekinesis and an energy manipulating Doomsday.All-American Boy Main Article: All-American Boy Amanda Waller had created a stockpile of Kryptonite, and a team called " Last Line who were trained to stop Superman if he ever became a threat.