It is convenient to have the option of expressing all logical statements in terms of their logical models, that is, in terms of the primitive circumstances or the elements of experience over which they hold true.Whenever we find ourselves prefacing an argument with the phrase "If past experience is any guide." then we can be sure that this principle has come into play.In rough terms, abduction is what we use to generate a likely hypothesis or an initial diagnosis in response to a phenomenon of interest or a problem of concern, while deduction is used to clarify, to derive, and to explicate the relevant consequences of the.

Even more succinctly: Abduction Deduction Induction Premise: Fact Case Case Premise: Rule Rule Fact Outcome: Case Fact Rule o o Figure.Heath, Lexington, MA, 1910.Assuming that between E and F there is only one intermediate term that the circle becomes equal to a rectilinear figure by means of lunules we should approximate to knowledge.

Inductive phase edit Whatever the case, our subject observes a Dark cloud, just as he would expect on the basis of the new hypothesis.Rule: B D, Just Before it rains, a Dark cloud will appear.(Aristotle, Prior Analytics,.4 induction edit, inductive reasoning consists in establishing a relation between one extreme term and the middle term by means of the other extreme; for example,.